Wow, that headline really wrote itself! Last night, the First Annual A-List Awards were held at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York. The usual suspects - Full-time Bravo wit Kathy Griffin, "Top" stuff, housewives from various zip codes, Tim Gunn - and, um, seemingly no one else, showed up in uninspiring outfits. It kind of looks like the most awesome time ever. Lackluster red carpet, post-jump.

The Good:

Nikki Blonsky is adorable and I want this outfit.

Padma, obviously, brings it.

Niki Taylor looks lovely and curvaceous.

I think emcee Kathy Griffin, while not terribly adventurous, looked elegant and confident all evening.

Model Holly Kiser: Has a pretty dress, is a rather narrow woman.

Let's ignore Rachel Zoe's bitch face, shall we? Can we? The gown is great.

Stephanie Bulger (yes, another model) is a candidate for best-dressed (in, granted, a pretty shallow pool.)

The Bad:

It's tragic when dresses are both tacky and boring. Karina Smirnoff's apronish frock achieves this.

As a short woman, I can tell Michelle "Mochi" Camaya that white boots of that height/standing next to the really tall Step it Up and Dance guy who was always making a big point out of being straight, makes one look even shorter.

Hey, remember Sunday's MTV Movie Awards, when Tila Tequila was the most elegant, best-dressed woman there? All's now right with the world.

I don't know why Kara Janx insists on presenting herself as such a sad-sack! She made it really far on PR2!

Self-described "Obama Girl" Amber Lee Ettinger is doubtless really psyched about the nomination.

I assume this is one of Jillian Lewis's own designs; I always find it disquieting when I prefer the stuff PR contestants do in an hour with leaves and garbage to their "real" work.

The Ugly:

And you thought you'd make it out of here without hearing either "fierce" or "hot tranny mess?!" Luckily, BrandyWine and Brenda A Go-Go are both!

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