Oh noooo! Mr. Bill is back, shilling for our creditors. • Unrealistic movie inspires realistic tips for single women managing their money. • Telling overweight teens that they are fat will most likely make them gain more weight within 5 years. • A Dutch man injures his bum in a mooning prank gone wrong. • Mothers are seen as the gatekeepers for a father's involvement with their child. • Friends are not necessarily determined by common interests but more by proximity or group assignment. • A 22-year old Iranian student was sentenced to a year in prison for campaigning for women's rights in Iran. • A group of 15 women try to thank a man for pleasing and satisfying them for one entire, exhausting day. • High-risk teen girls have a lower chance of contracting STDs if they participate in SAFE, a sexual education program. • A serial cat killer and torturer is on the loose in Portland State University in Oregon. • Female law firm uses gender stereotypes in ads to claim that women are better lawyers. • Amateur ballerinas attempt to teach themselves to dance en pointe. Do not try it at home!