Today MTV reran a classic episode of My Super Sweet 16. It featured Audrey, who become somewhat iconic of the spoiled brattery of her generation after she famously freaked the fuck out on her mom for giving her a $67,000 Lexus (to "practice" driving with) on the day before her Quinceañera bash. I always feel a little bit bad for viral video subjects like Audrey: after all, maybe her hormones were going nuts, or maybe she was just having a bad day, or maybe there was a backstory that MTV managed to edit out. However, watching the full episode today made me realize that Audrey is indeed a major asshole. She was terrible to her mother and to her friends. She even went out of her way to make some of her friends feel like shit while trying on dresses that she picked out for them to wear, telling some of them that they needed to "lose some pounds." I really hope this kid is one of the subjects for the new MTV series Exiled.