So, Bill Cosby's sweaters, which he's attempting to auction for an educational charity in his late son Ennis Cosby's name, have apparently failed to elicit any bids on eBay. (Granted, the asking start is five grand. And it's June.) I guess it'd be easy to make a joke at the sweaters' expense - they are indeed breathtaking - but I'm not going to, and not just because this foundation sounds like a good cause. Maybe I've just been looking at too many red-carpet rundowns. Maybe I've been spending too much quality time with Vogue Italia lately. Maybe it's because I spent the wee smalls looking at the new Missoni collection. But...the sweaters are kind of rad. And not in an ironic, 'I-just-moved-to-Williamsburg-five-seconds-ago' way, either! Like, if Agyness Deyn or someone threw one of those bad boys over a pair of skinnies, cinched with appropriate belt and sported with insouciance, I think everyone from Wintour to Forever 21 would take notice.

I mean, isn't avant-garde knitwear all the rage? Isn't the new M Missoni line the biggest thing on the fashion grapevine? And they pale before the kaleidoscopic wonder of the Classic Cos.


You could argue that, as I write, I am wearing an electric-blue turban from the Wig Factory in San Francisco. And you wouldn't be wrong. But those sweaters are friggin' avant-garde, awesomely inventive garments, and I for one am not going to let my snobbery blind me to their potential. Of course, the price tag's a little steep; I'm obviously going to, as usual, spring for a knockoff. (SalVa here I come.) And I envy the lucky fashionista who wises up and wins the real thing. Oh, and if you think I am joking: before this week is out I will acquire just such a Cosby-inspired look and post a picture for you!

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