The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing and as the school year is drawing to an end for elated students and teachers alike, those hormonal adolescents have one thing on their mind: Prom! Even if you've never been a bridesmaid, you probably still got your hair did, slapped on some acrylic French manicured claws, and zipped yourself into a monstrosity of a prom gown. In honor of our misspent youths, the June edition of Past Fashion is dedicated to pictures of readers in their prom finery (that's me on the left with the excellent posture as a sophomore at Irvington (NY) High, c. 1998. Dress from Bebe at the mall, y'all). We want to see you in all your awkward glory, so send photo submissions to along with your name (or username), location, and the date the photo was taken. Don't forget to include any charming anecdotes about drinking too many 40s and passing out in the back of the party van, not that I know what that's like or anything. Submissions are due by June 20th, so start sending those snaps in ASAP!

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