A reader tipped us off to post on Fox Sports regarding media coverage of Danica Patrick. Ian O'Connor writes: "Danica Patrick will not change the world by winning the Indy 500. She will change it by becoming an agent of reform, by using her victory to convince men to start measuring a woman by her skill instead of her bra size." He posits that Patrick is part of the problem, since she agrees to do ads like the GoDaddy.com commercial in which she unzips her racing suit as wind blows in her hair. O'Connor continues: "She courts the kind of attention that inspires tabloid headlines the likes of, 'She'll Start Your Engine' and 'Va-Va-Vroom.' It's not necessary. It really isn't. Patrick can't do anything about her good looks, other than enjoy them. But that doesn't mean she has to devalue her breathless talent as a race car driver by playing along every time a publicity rep asks her to slip into something far more comfortable than her helmet and suit." []