Aren't there like, 20 movies about Che Guevara? Or maybe just 20 million different t-shirts? I thought the Che hype had died down but all the stunning ladies at the Cannes premiere for the highly anticipated Che biopic starring Benicio Del Toro, (everyone's favorite sexy-dirty actor) proved otherwise. It'll probably end up winning like 20 million Oscars too. At least we can look back at these pictures one day and recall Natalie Portman's bright red Valentine dress and Naomi Campbell's outfit, which turned my brain into the shape of a question mark. More gems in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly after the jump.

The Good

I like these two. Let's pretend they're best friends and they talked about their outfits on the phone before they left the house. I'm not 100% crazy about Franke Potente's dress but she's so pretty in it, and Catalina Sandino's violet feather duster is pretty spesh.

I never met a Natalie Portman I didn't like.

There's nothing wrong with Julie Ormand in this emerald delight.

My favorite pick of the night goes to Melanie Laurent, who looks so chic and original. You can only see one foot in this photo though, which keeps bothering me.

Sonia Rolland is having so much fun in this dress, as she should be.

Zoe Felix's gown is my second favorite of the evening, simple but so fucking sexy.

Pretty yellow dress, unfortunate name. Vahina? Does it rhyme with Vagina?

The Bad

Aissa Maiga: Maybe for the premiere of Hairspray?

Cha-Ling Lin is a really fun name to say; I could repeat it all day. Unfortunately I can only look at this dress for a total of 2.9 seconds.

Eva Herzigova does Frederick's of Hollywood.

This dress on Michelle Yeoh reminds me of my old Lisa Frank stationary.

I'm actually on the fence with this one. Doesn't it look too Vanna White?

The Ugly

I don't know who Laurence Ferrari is, but I highly doubt she's an ex-figure skater from 1989.

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