Rising obesity rates among British boys are behind the growing number of surgeries to reduce male breasts. • Nevada-based company creates toilet paper-alternative Biffy, or, as it is more commonly known, a bidet. • An international group of female ski jumpers sue the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Winter Olympics for excluding women's ski jumping. • As more and more families struggle financially, extravagant proms are going out of style. • Women are largely underrepresented in clinical trials for depression and lung cancer. • British pet-owners hope to prove their dog, Bella, is oldest in the world (at least 25!). • Roman Catholic nun who pushed to expose sex abuse in Boston churches, died Saturday at 73. • India's economic boom is making some middle-class men consider plastic surgery. • Dating websites for the mentally disabled and those with diseases are gaining in popularity. • A new documentary explores the lives of Muslim gays and lesbians. • Elisabeth Fritzl may sue her father for therapy costs and emotional damages. • Some people never learn: a woman from Truckee, CA is arrested for drunk driving in same spot where she crashed while intoxicated five months earlier.