Dina and Ali Lohan have been doing the press rounds for their new reality show Living Lohan premiering this weekend, and last night they were on Showbiz Tonight. The two got all defensive and rude in response to very valid questions about how Dina will keep Ali away from the same path Lindsay traveled down and whether they are at all concerned about the "reality TV curse" that stars like Osbournes have suffered from. Dina said that Lindsay is on a "fine path" and that the reporter was just "believing what [he's] read." She also said that nothing like what happened to the Osbournes will ever happen to the Lohans because they are "different." Uh, how? They're both famous families with a genetic predisposition to addiction! Anyway, at the end of the interview, Ali was asked if Lindsay has given her any advice about the business. You can hear Dina say under her breath, "Watch reporters." Yeah, it's the reporters' fault, lady.