Last night in New York City at the FIFI Awards - the "Oscars" of the fragrance industry - designer Vera Wang helped to honor some of the most creatively-pungent people, or rather, the industry and its achievements in fragrance creation. Whatever: regardless of the reason for the occasion, celebs like Taylor Momsen, Padma Lakshmi and Salt N' Pepa showed up wearing both stylish and strange outfits. (Wang in particular, looked like a hangover.) The full Good, Bad, and Ugly of the FIFIs, after the jump.

The Good

I'm not gay, but I would be for Padma Lakshmi. I love her black shoes with the little roses. Usually when I see black and yellow together I think "bumblebee," but this time it never occurred to me. I was too busy being in love.

More black and yellow, this time on Taylor Momsen with a lemony chiffon number that may or may not be Zac Posen.


A+ Bernadette Peters! What a color! What a face! How old are you? You haven't aged since you played Lily St. James in Annie.

The Bad


Aw, come on. Don't make me make fun of Salt N' Pepa. I can't! I won't do it! Salt looks good but Pepa...I'm not really digging on her Vide-ho look.

I reallyI just don't care for this army green number on Vera Wang. The dress isn't the worse thing but the color looks like a booger. A soldier's booger. A soldier's booger in a potato sack race.

The Ugly


I really wanted to like this dress but I can't get beyond the fact that Minka Kelly looks like a baby shower gift.


Now this is a perfect example of what happens when you hire a bad stylist. For some reason I doubt that Aubrey O'Day put this Judy Jetson look together, but I guess at the end of the day it doesn't really matter if you're the one who's wearing it.

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