Swedish neo-Nazis attack feminists at rally with metal pipes. • Desperate Afghan women are turning to prostitution to make ends meet. • New Lincoln biography attempts to portray both sides of his rocky marriage. • Two Belgian "beer fans" invent a 2-person peeing video game for urinals. • Speaking of video games, Gears of War 2 is being made more "girlfriend friendly" with easier settings and flatter-chested female characters. Whatever. • Born-again disco queen Gloria Gaynor gives up weed, alcohol, and gay fan base. • Author says that hypermasculinity surrounding guns scares off some women from gun culture. • Nerds have a love of hierarchies, rules, but not irony (sorry hipster geeks!). • Non-Arabic-speaking, New Jersey mom becomes a activist blogger focusing on political issues and free speech in Yemen. • Breadwinning wives resent their husbands who don't pitch in around the house. • The $599 Hello Kitty cell phone: to be coveted by little girls and immature adults everywhere!