After we posted about airline hostesses of yesteryear, someone alerted us to Cliff Muskiet works for KLM and collects everything airline-related, including uniforms. One day he hopes to have a museum! In the meantime, all of the fun and colorful stewardess outfits of past and present inspired us to do a quiz. Can you guess where a lady offering you tea is from just by the color and cut of her company-issued garments? Find out by taking the quiz after the jump.

To see if you're correct, use your mouse to highlight the hidden text after "Answer:"

Uniform A.


1. Indonesian Air

2. Orient Thai

3. Cathay Pacific

Answer: Orient Thai

Uniform B.


1. Delta Airlines

2. KLM

3. Hooters Air

Answer: Hooters

Uniform C.


1. Emirates

2. Singapore Air

3. Indonesian Air

Answer: Singapore

Uniform D.


1. Continental

2. Lion Air

3. Kenya Airways

Answer: Kenya Airways

Uniform E.


1. Emirates

2. Kuwait Air

3. Indonesian Air

Answer: Emirates

Uniform F.


1. TransAsia

2. Cathay Pacific

3. China Airlines

Answer: China Airlines

Uniform G.


1. Virgin Nigeria

2. Varig

3. Royal Brunei

Answer: Royal Brunei

Uniform H.


1. SilkAir

2. Air Tanzania

3. Hawaiian Airlines

Answer: Hawaiian Airlines

Uniform I.


1. Air Phillipines

2. Air Tahiti Nui

3. Thai Airways

Answer: Thai Airways

Uniform J.


1. Luftansa

2. Air Phillipines

3. Sabena

Answer: Luftansa

Uniform K.


1. Horizon Airlines

2. Air Tahiti Nui

3. Air Rhodesia

Answer: Air Tahiti Nui

Uniform L.


1. ANA All Nippon Airways

2. Cathay Pacific

3. Bangkok Airways

Answer: Cathay Pacific

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