I hope you guys got my Smiths reference in the title. Did you? You know, Kate Moss is from England, like The Smiths? Anyway, see this red pansy dress? Well give it a good hard look, memorize it and store it away your brain because, mark my words, you will see it EVERYWHERE this summer. It's true that maybe the Kate Moss Top Shop hype has died down a bit since the 1st collection (remember that mayhem?) but she (and her design team) still have quite the knack of creating easy-to-wear pieces that are classic enough to last for many seasons. Well, at least some of them. There are always exceptions. After the jump, the latest looks.


Like for example this playsuit. I'd feel like a disco Gumby.

Ok, how many puffy shirt jokes can you come up with? Ready...go!


I actually love this dress, but what's happening in the vagina area?

I'm starting my sit-ups now.


Buy this for me ok?

I don't care for this busy number, it makes my eyes hurty.


Kate Moss wants to put the whole world in a vest. I guess it wouldn't be the worst thing.

I can't resist a girly little jacket that goes with nothing I own. Seriously, I want to own it and just have it hang in my closet.


You remember me? Yeah you do!

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