There's a reason why Calvin Klein is a household name. His clothing is simple, classic, expensive-looking and well-made (not that I own any, but I think it's a safe assumption). His resort line is no different, and while some of the looks were a bit Star Trek-ey, my favorites (shown below) will all end up in my closet someday when I'm a grown-up and have a really important job. Designer Francisco Costa stayed away from all the Beach Blanket Bingo hubbub that can sometimes surround summer, and instead made us think of being barefoot on the sand, sipping white wine, eating mussels, and not sweating whatsoever. Some selected looks from the collection, after the jump.

I'll wear this one to my garden party.

I'll wear this to my piano recital.


And this is what I'll be wearing when I fire my first employee!

I wish this dress had pockets, for I'll need easy access to all the condoms I'm gonna need that night.


This black number is a pretty big deal, but you have to wear it like it's not.


I would get married in this.

I WILL get married in this.