50 Cent Is In Favor Of Feminism, Cheating Husbands, Whatever...

  • 50 Cent on the next leader of the free world: "I'd like to see Hillary Clinton be president. It would be nice to see a woman be the actual president and ... this is a way for us to have Bill Clinton be president again, and he did a great job during his term."
  • Speaking of Hil, she's on Letterman tonight to announce she gave away that shady Chinaman's campaign money before anyone really knew whether he was funding terrorism with his counterfeit clothing business or what.
  • And Fred Thompson is on Leno tonight to announce he's officially entering the presidential race maybe.
  • Listening to Sen. Larry Craig brainwash himself into thinking he's not a homo is somewhat pathetic but yeah we did it anyway.
  • World War I-era chemical weapons were found outside the UN but it's no big thing.
  • Which is to say, compared the huge world event that is the premiere of the Misshapes book.
  • Thanks to global warming — or, you know, LA — Samantha Ronson can rock white jeans all year round, says the WSJ, which just yesterday said on its editorial page the global warming was actually not as bad as during the Depression.

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I read the article in WSJ yesterday (our office subscribes so I read it on the commute home) and read some of that article about global warming.

The main point of the article (and I didn't read all of it) seemed to be that many scientists refuse to provide exact numbers and supporting documentation to justify how they reach some of their conclusions. Nobody (including the author or the article) denies there is global warming but the question is how much of that is caused by human behavior and if it's possible for us to change anything.

He brought up a study by another scientist who pointed out that the warmest year in the history of our planet was in the 1930s which is a fact. He mentions the Newsweek article because it seemed to imply there is a "conspiracy" of people and companies including Exxon who know for sure humans are responsible for global warming and are trying to keep it secret to fool everyone. That probably isn't accurate. Some scientists who have nothing to do with Exxon don't agree with the hysteria about global warming.