5 Reasons To Worry About Taylor Momsen

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Sixteen-year-old Taylor Momsen landed the September cover of Teen Vogue, and in an interview, the actress known as Gossip Girl's Little J says some things that have us wondering if she's going to turn out okay.

Some teen stars grow up unscathed by their lifestyle; others have meltdowns, drug/alcohol problems and blame the black kid when caught driving like a crazy person through Hollywood. Is Taylor the latter or the former? It's cool that she has her own band, Pretty Reckless, but is it all too much too soon? Here are five quotes from her interview that make us wonder if she's headed for trouble:


1. Hints she was forced into the spotlight.

I kind of grew up in front of the camera: I started modeling when I was two. I was never pushed into it, but I never really chose it either.

2. Possible attention problems?

I found [high school] kind of boring [She finished two years early]. I'm an artist; I'm not going to use trigonometry.


3. A false (?) sense of maturity.

I'm taking college classes online — I want to major in Language Arts… For most people, college is a place where you learn about yourself, and I feel like I'm doing that already. I'm already independent.


4. A lack of friends.

I have such trust complexes. I'm close to like two people. I've always been like that. People misinterpret what I say all the time: They think I'm being offensive, when really, I'm only being opinionated.


5. She's into older guys.

I'm not dating anyone right now, but I've had lots of relationships. My parents know that I'm not going to date someone who's sixteen. Boys are so much less mature than girls as it is; there's just no way — I would eat a boy my age alive.


On the upside, she really enjoys working on Gossip Girl; says her parents trust her and was turned down for the role of Hannah Montana when she was nine, which means she's never posed draped in a sheet for Vanity Fair. So maybe everything will turn out alright.


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Woah, I'm not sure analyzing interviews for possible "problems" is all that healthy for her either. I certainly found high school boring and what's wrong with her feeling independent? She's sixteen! Of course she feels independent! She's gonna do her own thing! She's a freaking opinionated teenager.

This just bothers me that we are making judgments about her life/social skills/possible learning disabilities for no apparent reason. This is just very US Weekly to me.