5 Movies John Hughes Will Be Remembered For

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Filmmaker John Hughes passed away today at 59. Though he was responsible for such classics as Vacation, Mr. Mom, and Home Alone, it's probably his teen movies—which continue to resonate with each generation—that he'll really be remembered for.

5.) Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Written and directed by Hughes, he said that he based the character of Cameron on himself, and based Ferris on what he always wished he could be. But it was Ferris' jealous, cynical sister Jeanie (Jennifer Grey) that perhaps provided some of the biggest laughs.


4.) The Breakfast Club
Written and directed by Hughes, this is the quintessential Brat Pack film.

Hughes made a cameo, playing Anthony Michael Hall's father.

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3.) Pretty in Pink
This movie always confused me as child, because '80s style guides implied that redheads should always avoid wearing pink, and instead, stick to green. But who doesn't love Duckie?

2.) Weird Science
While the whole computer geeks creating their own model magical dream girlfriend plays into male fantasies, there's something about the themes of Weird Science—underdogs coming out on top with the help of supernatural powers—that hold universal appeal.


1.) Sixteen Candles
John Hughes' directorial debut still stands as an absolute classic, and as such, warranted two clips.

I couldn't help but add this one, because while I was only about 5 years old when I first saw it, somehow, a quarter of a century later, the behavior of these two drunk chicks still rings true.

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I think his body of work just about completely defines my teenage experience. He has at least 50% of my top 20 movies. RIP John Hughes.