The Urban Outfitters Summer catalog has hit mailboxes and there's a world of ugly inside. Oh, not everything is hideous, but there are a few things — sure to be seen on your local hipster — that just seem cringe-inducing. High-waisted shorts, lacy underwear as outerwear, Soviet-era shoes? The offenders, after the jump.

1. A bikini with a face on the butt.

One question: Is this an upgrade or a downgrade from having "Juicy" on your ass?

Insight Tura bikini, $88


2. Candy-colored sunglasses.

There's nothing wrong with fun sunglasses. Especially during summer, for crying out loud! It's a time to be silly. But maybe the Olsens, Kiki Dunst and Ashlee Simpson have ruined them? Or maybe it's the brain-dead expression on this model's face. I'm suspicious of colorful frames now. I think maybe they render you dumb.

Crystal frame sunglasses, $$18; neon gradient sunglasses, $14; twilght aviators, $14; golden ratio sunglasses, $14.


3. High-waisted short-shorts.

This seems self-explanatory. When there is more fabric above the crotch than below, you've got a problem.

Top: Covet Bamboo highrise short, $98

Bottom: Lux cult classic short, $48.


4. A lace leotard.

An item named after a David Lynch movie is always going to be problematic.

Wild at heart one-piece, $28.



5. Hideous shoes.

Come on, people. Is ugly is the new pretty? Is 1979 East German chic all the rage?

Top: Zabriskie boot, $78; entwined T-strap flat, $48.

Bottom: C2 elements sandal, $158; encircled sandal, $38; infinity sandal, $38; Bernson gladiator sandals, $175.


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