Jezebel Design Updates Will Make Life A Little Easier

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This morning Jezebel pushed live a little (but very hard-won) update to our code that most folks probably won't even notice. But for more dedicated readers and those with older web browsers, these changes should help to soothe at least some of the wounds inflicted by the redesign.

  • You can finally share links on Facebook and whatnot — with normal results! We've rejiggered our URL structure by removing the "hashbang" (#!) that appeared in URLs after the redesign. This will allow thumbs and excerpts to show when you paste a Jezebel link into Facebook, Reddit, Stumbleupon, and other social networks.
  • Users with "legacy" (er, old) browsers will once again be able to enjoy Jezebel at its full strength. It's been touch and go, we know.
  • The code changes mean that we'll be able to launch our new mobile and iPad versions of the site in the very near future. But let's not talk timelines yet; just writing this post could jinx it all.

If you're still having problems with these issues or something new pops up (yay), please send a note to our help desk with your browser name, version number, and operating system (and a screenshot of the problem, if you can). There are real live people there waiting to assist you.

(And yes, we still have many more improvements on our to-do list — we're not done, not by a long shot. Baby steps!)


karmasutra är svensk

Don't know if this has been mentioned, or if it's just a problem with my computer, but in terms of people commenting on others' posts, I wish you would be able to see who someone has responded to. Sometimes I see a little '@blahblahblah' on a response post, but sometimes there's nothing, even though it's clearly directed at a comment other than the OP's (not sure if this is making sense).

Anyway, if anyone understood this and could maybe figure it out, that would be great! I like knowing if someone is disagreeing with me, or disagreeing with the person who disagreed, thereby agreeing with me.

EDIT: I'd also like to add that it's rather difficult when the sidebar goes back to the top every time you go to a new page now. Sometimes I end up scrolling really far, and it was great before when I didn't have to keep scrolling down every time I clicked on something, but now it's a bit of a peeve.