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Grammar Nazi Goes Too Far

Illustration for article titled Grammar Nazi Goes Too Far

Between the passive-aggressive spelling correction on this death notice, and the fact that there's no service being held for this "dear co-worker and friend," this has to be the office from hell.


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I would find the correction annoying on a note about keeping lunches in the office fridge.

Listen, we get it: some people are extremely proud of their copy editing skills. English degrees aren't that lucrative, and this is one of the handy things about having one. And I know how much fun it is to lord other people's mistakes over their heads. But calm the fuck down. There are times for correcting typos or grammar (when proofreading something, as an official part of your job, when you're talking to children, etc.) and there are times for keeping your extremely valuable and incredibly important knowledge to yourself.

Here is a good rule of thumb: will your correction actually help anyone? You will be surprised at how often the answer is "no".