When Men Watch Porn, They're Not Looking At What You'd Think

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What do men and women focus on when they see sexy pictures? Turns out, it's not what you'd expect.

Or at least, it's not what scientists at the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience expected. According to Science 2.0, they thought "women would look at faces and men at genitals." In fact, men were more likely to look at faces first, while women "focused longer on photographs of men performing sexual acts with women than did the males." Also, women's predilections changed depending on whether they were on the Pill. Says lead study author Heather Rupp, "Women using hormonal contraceptives looked more at the genitals, while women who were not using hormonal contraceptives paid more attention to contextual elements of the photographs."

So Pill-free women were staring at the sofa? Confusing. Beyond that, though, the results aren't really too surprising. If guys only watched porn to see vaginas, they could just buy themselves a Fleshlight. And anybody who thinks women are uninterested in genitals is probably — well, someone who calls them "genitals." All this talk of faces, vadges, and sofas does raise one question, though — wasn't anybody looking at boobs?


Gender And Porn: Where Men And Women Look First [Science 2.0]

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I don't look at the men's faces in porn because most of them look like they fell from the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. I often don't look at the women's faces because lol clown makeup.

If only someone would take men who look like the pretty boy twinks in gay porn and put them in hetero porn. I know lots of women who'd watch that.

Well, if they also removed the element of force/coercion/generally repulsive gender dynamics that make a lot of women have to watch porn with the sound off because "you like that don't you, bitch?" kind of kills the mood, and and constantly ready to click the X button if the dude starts choking, slapping, or otherwise abusing the woman.

Seriously, the fact that that shit is so popular is causing me to give a lot of men the side-eye. because I sure as hell don't want to accidentally end up in bed with someone who thinks choking me is hot.