In Honor of Cinco De Mayo, Ellen Hired a Mariachi Band to Scare the Shit Out of People

The fifth of May is upon us, day of rejoicing and hats wanton Corona consumption (which is actually a regional holiday which, outside the state of Puebla, most of Mexico totally ignores, by the way).


Appropriately enough, syndicated fancy dancer and sprite of good tidings Ellen DeGeneres pulled a festive Cinco de Prank on some members of her audience when they went to the bathroom: a planted seven-piece mariachi band popped out from behind the furniture and/or stalls to serenade them with the popular Ranchera ditty "Cielito Lindo," otherwise known as the "Ay, yay yay yay" song. At the highest decibel possible, naturally.

There are no winners or losers here, but the winner is the middle-aged guy who dances on the street.


'Cinco de Oh My!' [Tastefully Offensive]

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She sure didn't scare this Beluga whale!

Mariachi makes everything better. Everything. EVERYTHING.