Samantha Brick Calls All French Women Nasty Hawk Rottweiler Crone Sluts

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It may be too easy to hate on Daily Mail columnist Samantha Brick for being full of herself (although the ire she's raised from major media doyennes seems to stem largely from the fact that Brick's "not pretty enough" to have this level of self-confidence—admittedly, opening up an interesting dialogue), but it is necessary to point out that making hypocritical, offensive generalizations about other women also seems to be her jam. Ughhh, Samantha Brick.

Precisely why French women grind her gears so much is between Samantha Brick and Samantha Brick's god. What we do know is that she used to have a lazy eye and lives in France with darling husband Pascal and hates—like, haaaaates—French women.

I have now lived in France for four years and there are few who have a better insight into the sinister machinations of a French woman's mind than I do... I find them hostile and predatory, ever eager to humiliate their rivals and never batting a beautifully made-up eyelid about falling into bed with someone else's man. To them an adulterous affair is a feather in their cap, or merely another scalp. You see, French women don't really like other women.

Which is especially wack because in her original article Brick accuses All Women of assuming that she's constantly out to steal their dudes and explains how it's a misconception.

She uses the example of French First Lady Valerie Treirweiler, partner of Sarkozy successor Francois Hollande, as an example of the ruthless, wanton, careless, sluggish, rottweillery, Jeanne Moreau-in-Jules And Jim-ness, Jean-Seberg-in-Breathlessness, seductive-female-skunk-in-Pepe Le Pew-cartoons-ness of every single French woman ever. In their native country of France. Where British ex-pat Samantha Brick has chosen to live. Willingly.

Brick accuses Treirweiler of "outclassing" Carla Bruni-Sarkozy at an event "without a cursory nod to 'the sisterhood" (because Samantha Brick sure has paid a lot of lip service to all the old cronehags who are jealous of her exceptional beauty the sisterhood). She also claims that she's been ignored at social events with @darlinghusbandPascal, receives the most hateful letters from French women, mocked in French, even weighed at a dinner party (??). And the few French female friends she does have are all sleeping with each others' husbands, 'cuz we can't all have @darlinghusbandPascal, amirite?

So... yup. The battle of Samantha Brick vs. Old French Slags rages on.

'Think I'm in love with myself? I'm a shrinking violet next to man-stealing French women like new First Lady Valerie Trierweiler' [Daily Mail]


Jean Rhys Lives

I'm still roiling with rage about her comments on Mary Beard. I would physically fight Samantha Brick and A. A. Gill in the streets, if it came to it, for Professor Beard's right to teach me about the daily life of the Romans.

The woman is a Professor of Classics at Cambridge University, show some gorrammed respect you pair of small-minded cretins.