A Make-Up Tutorial That's Not for the Faint of Heart

We'll let the press release for this make-up tutorial/PSA speak for itself (~~~ SPOILER WARNING AHEAD~~~) (Can an advertisement merit spoilers? You can never be too safe, I guess.)

More than 500,000 car accidents in the UK have been caused by women applying makeup. With safety being one of Volkswagen's top priorities, they wanted to shed light on the issue and alert women of this serious issue. Nikkie...applies makeup until she is suddenly flung towards the camera - similar to a video of a car accident.


After watching this, I solemnly swear I will never attempt to apply rhinestones to my face while operating a motor vehicle ever again.

[Via Buzzfeed]



I really don't like this ad for reasons I can't fully pin down. The way the woman is acting so...ditsy...and stupid. It's like "women are so dumb and are going to kill everyone with their frivolity." And the intensity of the surprise ending is a bit emotionally manipulative. Also, I've never put makeup on in the car.