Strip Club Business Is Doing Just Great Because Of GOP Conventions, Thanks For Asking

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With the Republican National Convention close at hand, the host city of Tampa's preparing their local strip clubs for the deluge of GOP patrons that will be pouring in with singles. As it turns out, the RNC singlehandedly buoys struggling strip joints out of debt and improves the town's economy (obviously this is re: finances and not a statement for or against the existence of strip clubs). Angela Spencer of The Association of Club Executives, a national organization for adult nightclubs, confirms that "hands down, the Republicans have always been our best customers... I have heard club owners say, ‘Boy, those Republicans really are great customers.'" Also, Lisa Ann, the woman who played Sarah Palin in the porn spoof "Nailin' Palin," will be making a special appearance at several Tampa strip clubs during the RNC weekend. Lovely.


Unsurprisingly, considering we are talking about some of the theoretically richest people in America taking g-strings off of some of the theoretically poorest people in America with their teeth, there's some interesting frission in this symbiotic relationship: Joe Redner, the owner of a club in Tampa called Mons Venus, said "Republicans got plenty of money. They take it all from poor people." Awwwwkwardddd!!!1

There've been precedents for this news, of course: in 2010, a night at an L.A. bondage club was covered by the RNC, and a study out of Baylor University in 2008 found that both the DNC and RNC "increased the count of Craigslist sex worker ads by a substantial amount" in the nearby towns.

'Strippers 'Hands Down' Say GOP 'Best Customers' At Party Conventions' [HuffPo]

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LadyCaptainKatt will the GOP spin this? They are helping the economy, right? Helping small businesses thrive? Making it rain is the same as trickle down?