Male Consumption Of Women's Beauty Products On The Rise

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The flash sale site HauteLook has just estimated a 76% increase in the number of men buying female cosmetics, skincare and haircare over the last two years. Skincare products are apparently far and away the most popular—cleansers, moisturizers and eye creams. This persists despite the ever-expanding array of male-specific beauty lines like EVOLUTIONMAN and Eylure.


This feels relevant.

Finally, they will know that annoying thing where your mascara runs in the heat and makes you look like a demented gila monster, and we will all be the better for it. Earlier this year we discovered the dawn of the male waxing age, too! Manzilians! They walk among us.

'Why Men Are Buying Women's Beauty Products' [Hindustan Times]

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Anyone else? When I first started dating my gaaawgeous boyfriend of one year, I found a dried-up tube of mascara in his medicine cabinet and casually asked him about it. He very nonchalantly told me that he wears it for nights out or concerts. I half believed him, but I truly believed him when we went out to a club for my birthday and he asked to borrow not only my mascara, but my eyeliner. I LOVE IT.

Stylish boyfriends are stylish. He dresses so sharp and wears jewelry half the time, too (pendants, leather bracelets, etc). I mean, he farts and neglects dishes and lays around playing Mass Effect for hours like the best of them—but man is he fearlessly fashionable (and quite secure in his sexuality!).