Saturday Night Social: RIP, Neil Armstrong

Earlier today, Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon back in 1969, passed away from complications post-heart surgery at 82 years old. After giving a handful of interviews when he returned, Armstrong notoriously shied away from the public eye. Here in a vintage 1970 interview on BBC 1, he clearly describes the visual experience of seeing Earth from the moon.

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Ex-smokers, huddle up. My 1 year anniversary of no-damn-ciggies is this week so I've been musing about how I feel, what's changed, etc. I got to thinking about other ex-smokers I've met, and it seems to me that none of them quit for anything other than their health. I'm talking about former pack-a-day, 2-pack-a-day smokers - dedicated, actual, f'ing addicted smokers, not people at the bar who only want a cig when they're drinking or to look cool. And I think I've hit on something here: none of the people I met made the decision to quit because it got expensive, or inconvenient, or because it smelled bad. There was no material reason. Every ex-hardcore smoker that I've met quit because they were worried about their health, and not only that, it wasn't because there were warnings on the package or on TV (although I'm not saying those are bad things). It was because they could feel the toll that cigarettes were taking, and it shook them up enough to quit. Has this been anyone else's experience? FWIW I also quit for health reasons - I could no longer bear the thought that I might die from something I was actively doing to myself.