Period Panties No More!

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Having successfully convinced women of the filthiness (and, by extension, irrelevance) of their natural odors, curves, and body hair, it's not surprising that the patriarchy is going onward (and upward) with its assault on the female body. In the sights (and freshly arrived in our RSS feed): Women who menstruate! (What's next? Women who don't shit? -Ed.) Today brings news that the FDA is about to approve Lybrel — "a name meant to evoke 'liberty'"! — a birth control pill that stops menstruation completely.

Gynecologists say they've been seeing a slow but steady increase in women asking how to limit and even stop monthly bleeding. Surveys have found up to half of women would prefer not to have any periods, most would prefer them less often and a majority of doctors have prescribed contraception to prevent periods.

"I think it's the beginning of it being very common," said Dr. Leslie Miller, a University of Washington-Seattle obstetrician-gynecologist who runs a Web site focused on suppressing periods. "Lybrel says, 'You don't need a period."'

Well then! Looks like the feminine-hygiene industry doesn't need a lobbyist in Washington either!

First Birth Control Pill Meant To End Periods Poised For Approval [ABCNews]

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Yo I don't think this is actually so insiduous as you seem to think. If you are already using hormonal birth control, Aunt Flo isn't a "real" period anyway - thus not bleeding at all is no less natural.

I respect an aversion to hormonal bc, but if you're already using it you really can't get all anti-Lybril—-whose name, I admit, is pretty damned retarded.