If The Beans Don't Fit, You Must Acquit

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  • Charges have been dropped against Hugh Grant regarding his alleged assault of a paparazzo with baked beans. We suspect this is because, well, do you really want to fuck with someone who resorts to throwing baked beans?[BBC]
  • That dude with TB and a law degree swears he had no idea that TB was either contagious or fatal. We're unconvinced. [CNN]
  • To hell with her first walk: Suri Cruise sent her first-ever Scientologist thank you note! [People]
  • That coke found on Lindsay Lohan? Uh, it might have been middling DJ Samantha Ronson's. [PerezHilton]
  • The strange belongings of the Jackson family (you know, little Michael, Janet, Tito, LaToya, etc.) sold for half a million dollars at auction, which is one of the strangest things we've heard all day. [USA Today]
  • OMG! The latest Harry Potter movie is to open two days earlier than originally slated! [USA Today]
  • Small child. Rubik's cube. Just watch. [Boing Boing]
  • Want to learn to scuba dive? Head to the Eiffel Tower. [NYT]
  • One U.S. casualty is identified today. [DoD]

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I've worked in hospitals, MD's offices as secretary/administrative assistant plus as a trainer in social issues to doctors and it amazes me that a person with TB would want to travel on a plane if not for his own health. If you have a long term delicate condition, you'll want to stay close to home and away from other possible sources of infection. The fact that his father in law is involved in health care makes it even weirder. With supposedly good connections on the home front, why the hell would he go galivanting all over the world? Dumb or what?