Jake And Reese Reproducing???

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  • Are Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon having a baby???? A little Gyllenspoon??? [TheBosh.com]
  • John Mayer and Jessica Simpson are really broken up now. No, really. [People]
  • You're most likely to get a computer virus by entering "Britney Spears" into your search engine. On a related note, we're too tired to make the inevitable joke about it. [E!]
  • Media outlets other than ours also seem to be feeling the internal strife yielded by the release of Knocked Up. [NYMag]
  • Best out of context quote we've heard all day? Gisele Bundchen, "Show me a virgin!" [Reuters]
  • The latest debate seizing our country? When kids should be allowed to pee. [USA Today]
  • Sorry, New Zealand, we beg to differ: Polar bear Knut is still fucking cute. [Stuff.co.nz]
  • Cow-moo ringtones are being used to catch leopards in India. We're not entirely sure what this means, but we're intrigued to know how we can get a cow's moo to be our ringtone too. [http://www.cnn.com/2007/TECH/06/0…]
  • Scooter Libby got sentenced to 30 months in the big house. (In case you need help with the math, that's like 30 times longer than Paris Hilton will be there.) Consider yourself warned, Cheney. [CNN.com]

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Right, so... where can I get that moo ringtone?