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Paris Hilton Feels 'Used' By The Media

Illustration for article titled Paris Hilton Feels Used By The Media
  • "You know my gratitude has gone up so much and I just realize that the media used me to make fun of and be mean about it." Our gratitude will totally skyrocket when they release this woman to the media that is paying somewhere between zero and a million dollars to use and be mean to her face! [Washington Post] [NY Times]
  • Chad Michael Murray acted like a "jealous diva" around other male One Tree Hill cast members who got close to the wife he was cheating on with Paris Hilton. We've never watched that show, but this little snippet makes him sound like such an idiotic turd he doesn't even deserve the title "emosogynist." [Page Six]
  • Andre Balazs is bringing New York its very own version of Chateau Marmont, a development which totally gets our gratitude racing. Did you know he received a master's in journalism from Columbia University? He's totally qualified to figure out ways of ethically not paying Paris Hilton for an interview! [Page Six]
  • WE is launching an internet TV property just for brides. Our Tivos are setting themselves [WSJ]
  • Remember upstanding citizen Jason Wahler? The Laguna Beach-era counterpart to the hopeless fame-whoring vapidity of The Hills' Heidi and Spencer appears to have removed the MySpace page wherein he spelled his own name wrong and now says he "relates" to Lilo. This "teaser" to the full article (on newsstands today!) says it's all about how he doesn't actually remember any of the 37 times he was arrested in the past year because he was blacked out the entire time (Yo dude: happens to the best of us!) though it suspiciously sidesteps any mention of L.C. sex tapes, Heidi, Spencer. Which sort of leads us to wonder whether no mention of Heidi or "beef curtains" was, like, a condition of the interview. Because if it was, uh, maybe Andre Balazs had the right idea getting into the hospitality industry. [People]

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Paris, I feel used by you. I feel used because I can't help the fact that I'm enthralled by your Life and Times, and so I track gossip re: you like a hound. And you're getting paid a million smackaroos for it.

Yes, I feel used. Used like a morning-after story for someone who's still in the closet.