Women Love Them Some iPhone... And It's Not Even Pink

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Is the iPhone a symbol of female financial independence? Or simply the tech version of the luxury handbag or right-hand diamond? The brainiacs at Credit Suisse think it's, well, both. Apple Insider is reporting that the investment bank predicts that "women may surpass gadget geeks as the largest customer segment to adopt the iPhone." Hard to believe, right? But apparently women have been inured to spending large sums of money on shit they don't need by, oh, companies like Coach and Tiffany!

[Credit Suisse analyst Richard Semple] cited a "precedent" or trend in the market where consumers continue to show a willingness to "trade up" to premium products, such as the Apple iPod, Under Armour, Coach handbags and Tiffany jewelry.


In addition, says Semple, divorced women in particular rank high on the list of potential iPhone buyers. Yeah, forget breast implants: We know from experience that for the newly-single, it's all about the overpriced electronics when you really need to land a man! Mid-Market Consumers, Women, Will Trade Up To iPhone [AppleInsider] Related: I Want It, I Want It I Want It: An iPhone [Glamour]


There is a bit of competition with the women in my office over who is getting the iPhone first. This comes with some sabotage in highly illegal wait list practices by local purveyors.

The men are just going to come and drool over ours. No one plans on actually scrapping our full keyboard bricks though, we may return the iPhone in a month.