That Faith Hill Photo Wasn't Actually A Photo, 'Redbook' Editor Explains

This morning the Today show aired a segment on how we "uncovered" that un-retouched Redbook cover photograph of Faith Hill and milked it so relentlessly we would be ashamed to even post this clip if not for the awesome explanation of Redbook editor-in-chief Stacy Morrison, who explains to the show: "In the end, they're not really photographs. They're images." Um, yeah, images taken by photographers using cameras with photographic lenses! Well, forget Stacy, even longtime "aspirationalism" fetishist David Zinczenko of Men's Health tells the show he thinks it was morally wrong what those cruel people did to poor Faith Hill's arm, in this clip featuring Kate Winslet, numerous rain-soaked tourists from Laredo and our very own Anna Holmes, who surfs the internet and talks without saying "like" in this powerful feature on... um, thought there was a way we could get through this post without the phrase "unattainable beauty standards perpetuated by the media"? Wrong again!


You rocked Anna! And seriously, be glad they didn't make an outtakes video. Just sayin'...