Mark Morford at the San Francisco Chronicle has a totally loopy-funny piece up, which is set in the future and written from the point of view of Henry Hager, the fiance of Jenna Bush. "Here's a funny. After any home run, I'll down whatever's left of my beer and suck in a big mouthful of air and then belch her name really, really slowly and blow it right in her face. "Oh my God that is so gross!" she squeals...Her hair smells like kitty litter and nachos and bad domestic wiretapping law. She is so hot. Like Britney Spears hot." [SFGate]

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Yeah right. More nights like that and I'm telling Laura about Jen's new Brazilian wax job that spells out "Obama '08." Except she misspelled it as "Osama." Whoops.

Love. Mark. Morford.