Where Have All The Good Girls Gone?

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In today's Telegraph, Frances Wilson writes about bad girls, sad girls and good girls. "Because you can't throw a crisp packet these days without hitting a tabloid picture of a talented and beautiful coke-snorting, car-crashing, prison-breaking, rehab-refusing woman on the edge of a nervous breakdown." Wilson declares that Amy Winehouse is "the queen of scuzziness," but admits that "Britney is running neck and neck with Amy in the International Skank Stakes." As for Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton, Wilson asserts they're not bad girls as much as sad girls. A requirement for bad girls is that they "have lost all vanity and self-regard." Wilson continues that the only male "bad girl" is Pete Doherty. "He's clever, elusive, ethereal, barely there," she writes. Her dream? To see Amy and Pete "get it together and create pandemonium."


So here's a question: Obviously there is a thing called schadenfreude. And when comes to these trainwreck trollops, we can't get enough. But this is an era in which we might actually be able to elect a female president of the United States. Aside from Hilary Clinton, where are the women (in the public eye) who are positive role models? And why isn't it as much fun to pay attention to them?

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