'Vogue' Editor Anna Wintour To See Sunlight, Breathe Real Air

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  • New York Fashion Week and the showing of the Spring/Summer 2008 Ready-to-Wear collections start today. Expect us to be increasingly tired and irritable as the week goes on. Unless we see Vogue's Anna Wintour, in which case we will perk up momentarily, grab our BlackBerrys, and then go back to being tired and irritable. [Vogue UK]
  • Models who were dancers say that their dance backgrounds give them a leg up in the industry because they are already well-versed in performance. We say that models who were dancers have a leg up in the industry because they've had years of practice starving themselves. [NYT]
  • Those close to Oscar de la Renta say that "None of the girls who just show up to places to get their pictures taken were invited. Oscar thinks they are tacky and is only interested in the women who actually support his work and, you know, buy the clothes." [NY Post]
  • Marc Jacobs, however, seems to totally dig those kind of girls, and has invited Lauren Conrad to participate in his show. [NY Post]
  • Donna Karan apparently likes her men young and strapping. How the hell is Donna Karan dating a male model and we can't even get a date? [NY Daily News]
  • Valentino: Still retiring. [WWD, sub req'd]
  • Guess's net income sky rockets by 81.5% percent this quarter. Which can only mean one thing: The spirit of Anna Nicole Smith lives on. [WWD, sub req'd]
  • JA Apparel Group owns the Joseph Abboud trademark. Designer Joseph Abboud does not. The latter is now being sued by the former for copyright infringement. And we are very, very confused. [WSJ]
  • Even before we step foot in the tents today, we feel fully confident in saying this pic of an Olsen-designed furry coat (for their Elizabeth and James line) is the most terrifying fashion we'll see all day. [FabSugar]


Yay, Oscar! That lot is getting tiresome.

And can I just say that after being pummeled with about 2,000 september magazine pages of the same fall clothes over and over again (sweater dresses, patent mary janes, we get it) it's going to be so nice to see some spring/summer