Killer Crocs: The Summer's Fugliest Shoes... Banned!

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It's all fun and games until someone almost dies, people. A hospital in Sweden claims that workers wearing Crocs generated static electricity and "knocked out" a patient's vital respirator and two other key pieces of equipment, reportsThe Sun. And according to a piece in the Daily Mail, nurses have now been banned from wearing Crocs — in addition to the static electricity and the chance that a syringe will fall through the holes, poke them and give them a deadly disease, UK bosses say "they look unprofessional." Nurses, who can walk up to five miles in a 12-hour shift, are not happy. "After months of suffering, my feet have been in heaven since I wore Crocs," says one RN, who doesn't seem to care if her patients croak.


Crocs (whose stock is down right now) were originally marketed as a boat shoe, with slip-resistant soles and holes to let water and sand out. We've always found them hideous, but now that the shoes have a deadly, edgy vibe to them, we might come around. In fact, we have another idea for a movie! It would be something like Lake Placid meets The Mask and we're thinking of calling it The Angel Of Death Wears Boat Shoes.

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in a bout of temporary insanity, i actually bought a pair of mary jane crocs and i wore them for one day before i was like, "why do people like these things?!?" i thought they made my feet all gross and sweaty and my feet slid all over the place in them. i sold them on ebay for almost as much as i paid for them.

in conclusions, if i were a nurse, i would rather wear white dansko clogs!