Facebook: Boobs Are For Body-Shots, Not Baby-Feeding

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Facebook has began taking down pictures of women breastfeeding their children and in some cases, even banning users for putting the photos up in the first place. The claim is that such imagery is "obscene content." Okay, we think that women posting pictures of their babies sucking on their boobs is a little weird and maybe even a bit obnoxious, but nothing about it is obscene. 'Cause isn't breastfeeding the whole point of breasts? The Lactivists (an activist group who strive to normalize breastfeeding in public) are all up in arms about the situation, but they're also questioning the logic behind Facebook's no-suckling policy, as the images that were removed contained no nipples. In an official statement, Facebook said that they're not actually opposed to the titty-sucking as much as the actual flesh:

Photos containing an exposed breast do violate our Terms and are removed.

Now, we're not really hippies, and we're certainly not mothers (other than to our dogs and cats), but Christ, just let these people up their mother-child bonding shots if it's so important to them! Where the lines of obscenity are drawn here are just so completely arbitrary and retarded. And so are the Lactivists, actually. They're encouraging people to join their new Facebook group "Hey, Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene!", which currently has over 7000 members.


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Are you guys fucking kidding me about "omgz why would you ever take a breastfeeding pic!?!" As a photographer, I've taken photos of other mothers breastfeeding and I have several of myself breastfeeding my son. For me, and for the others I am sure, it is a beautiful reminder of a very special time. If you teach your kids that breastfeeding is normal, I don't know why they'd be disgusted by a photo of them as babies doing it. My mom breastfed all five of us, and has pictures, and none of us are grossed out by it. It's nature.

I know a lot of y'all don't have kids and I'm probably crunchier than most, but damn. At least allow for the fact that it's something many mothers would like documented photographically and that it doesn't make you a titty-baring freak to do so.