Condé Nast's Fashion Rocks Event: Spy Sees Anna Wintour, Nicole Richie & Bump

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A friend of Jezebel went to the Condé Nast Fashion Rocks event last night at Radio City Music Hall. And he had an Anna Wintour sighting! After the jump, find out what it was like to be thisclose to Adam Levine and Nicole Richie's bump!

We sat in Row ZZ, which is the front section of the orchestra, like 15 rows from the stage. Anna Wintour was the first person we saw walking up the aisle. She sat in one of the first few rows. She was in a bright colored patterned dress, with an exposed back. Anna must have been cold cause she was clutching herself shivering. The show was hosted by the Jeremy "The Pivert" Piven and was kicked off by Aerosmith. Then Anna walked off just as they sang "Dude Looks Like A Lady." So awesome! Then Fergie came out with "Glamorous." Really good performance.

After that Avril came on. She sang it with very little enthusiasm. Nobody even cared when she left, but she could have at least taken a bow. Tyra Banks looked like shit in some ill-fitting back dress and those elf shoes that everyone was wearing at one point. She also had this awful piece of hair sticking out from behind her updo! I couldn't stop staring at it She presented with LL Cool J. I think she introduced Usher who performed with Mary J. Blige. He came down one set of stairs singing that song "This is a mans world!..." and then she came out after. It was a really good performance.

Adam Levine walked by our seats. He was taken away by some handler to get ready to perform. He looked HOT, some sleeveless shirt and vest that showed his hot cutup arms and tats. Yum. He did two songs on stage. His new single and then some doowop song from the sixties and with that song they changed the stage completely to look all retro with the soda shop feel and they did a small runway show with a bunch of different fashion designers. I think Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, Max Azria etc... Was cute.

Also saw hottie Michelle Trachtenberg she was walking up with an entourage of little girls then she stopped to talk to this two muscle gays (I assume of course) but while she was talking to them I was staring at her. Very striking, pale as a ghost with one of those pompadour hair styles. Oversized sparkly white shirt/dress, 60s inspired. We made eye contact! I think she liked me. She looked at me twice.

I got locked out when J. Lo came on to perform. I went to the bathroom and they wouldn't let us back to the seats until she was done, so we watched from the sidelines. She sang something from the new album. Then she did "Waiting For Tonight." It ended with her getting sucked up this giant green tube. She looked good but it didn't sound like she was really singing with all the dancing she was doing.

Then we saw Nicole Richie walking up the aisle. She looked AMAZING in this white and black little dress that complemented her growing bump! We had to pick up our jaws when we saw her leaving. She was with some dude that looked like a bodyguard/handler. No Joel in sight. The best part of the whole night was Alicia Keys. She sang solo, with piano. Then she closed the night with Santana which was just insane. Ashlee Simpson introduced someone with Max Azaria.

Overall, it was really good — the only thing lacking was the fashion. Jennifer Hudson did some old classic song (she screamed most of it which wasn't so good, she has this short hair do now. Not very flattering and they have begun sucking the fat out of her... I was shocked how skinny she is now.) Okay, that's all I think.



I wondered when they would start downsizing J.Hud. Frankly I never saw what all the fuss was about, she's not the first woman to belt out a tune.