Tim Gunn Worries About His Mom, Bad Dressing

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We love Tim Gunn. We would like to call him late at night when our hypochondria turns to paralyzing fear. We would like to sit down for tea with him when a boy breaks our heart. We would like to sit and watch Martha Stewart with him. We would like to have him over for the holidays. (Tim, what are you doing for Rosh Hashana?) The love we feel for Tim has only grown after reading his very earnest and adorable interview with Salon. Turns out Tim is just like us! He cares what his mommy thinks!

She'll call me and she'll say, "Why didn't anyone tell you your collar was askew? Why did you wear that suit with that shirt?" Oh, Mother, please!

And clearly, because he has mommy issues, he's able to not just talk fashion, but play therapist:

Yes, my work in the new show is definitely tied into the psyche. People put on certain clothes for certain reasons, I assume, when their closet is filled with clothes. I try to say to the subjects, "Don't personalize this. I'm not saying you're bad, I'm saying the dress is bad. The dress doesn't work for you." And, "Why would you want to wear something that isn't showing you off at your best?" And if they answer, "Well, I really like this!" I say, "OK, I appreciate that. I respect it. You like it. But look at it on you. Do you see what I mean now?" And eventually they begin to get it.


Words wiser than we've heard from any overpriced analyst we've ever been to! So now that we think of it, if we had to choose, maybe Tim would forgo being our friend for being our shrink?
Conversations: Tim Gunn [Salon.com]

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@so5minutesago: I must be 80 too, but have no shame for my love of that show! Seriously, Tim Gunn makes me happy. I hated reality TV, didn't watch a single bit of anything till Project Runway and THEN the only reason I kept watching PR was because of La Gunn. Love him.