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Martha Stewart Has Never Heard Of Bong Water

One of our top girl crushes, writer/comedienne/rabbit-lover Amy Sedaris, popped by Martha today to demonstrate how to make her special cheeseballs. But Martha wasn't really digging Amy's recipe because Amy used smoked cheese which, apparently, Martha hates. There was another ingredient in Amy's cheeseball recipe, however, one that Martha had never heard of. It's something that you and I call A-1 sauce, but that Amy has another name for (think college dorm rooms). The clip, above.


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I would pay to watch Amy and Martha in a craft-off. Amy would win, of course, but it would be hours of fun watching Martha slowly lose it as her usual tricks do nothing to undermine Amy's quirky pluck. I see it ending with Martha in a bunny costume, and Amy using her as a prop for a lesson in how to litter train your rabbit.