Indian actress Shilpa Shetty has been arrested at the Mumbai, India airport. Her crime? Obscenity. The act? Being the recipient of that overly demonstrative kiss on the cheek from Richard Gere. [Daily Mail]

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@warmaiden: It depends: were the tourists drinking, "seducing," or out and about amongst men?

According to an opinion piece in The Guardian, and many readers who rabidly agreed, women are getting raped because we're irresponsible. See, we're like property that refuses to lock ourselves up. And here you thought it was about human rights, perhaps even thinking a better analogy would be freedom of speech rather than robbery. What's that you say? Afghan women are, literally, covered head-to-toe, hidden away from society, and still raped? Liar! Men are not capable of exploiting physical advantage of women—unless they deserved it, being the infallible enforcers of morality that they are.

Feminism's rape fallacy