What's More "Important"? Your Face Or Your Ass?

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A story in the Times of London claims that every woman eventually has to choose between maintaining a youthful face or a great body. Fashion editor Lisa Armstrong quotes actress Catherine Deneuve: "A 30-year-old woman must choose between her bottom and her face." Basically, the "theory" assumes that as a woman gets older, she can either maintain her face or her body, but not both. Armstrong writes that while attending fashion shows, she found that though the front row celebrities may focus on Botox and face-lifts, for the international editors, stylists and buyers in attendance, "being thin has always been more important than having a dewily youthful complexion."

In the fashion world, a skinny 60-year-old who can carry Lanvin or Prada gracefully and doesn't have to confine herself merely to wearing the handbag because she can't fit into any of the (diminutive) sizes has as much cachet as a slightly plump, clueless 20-year-old, if not more.

According to Armstrong, former model Rachel Hunter singles out Teri Hatcher as someone who has clearly chosen "backside over beauty." Armstrong also calls women like Nigella Lawson, Oprah and Judi Dench "sitting beauties" who "have clearly decided to pamper their faces and let their bodies get on with it." She adds: "...fat women might have lovely, plump skin, but an out-of-shape body can be just as aging as a lined face." Have you taken a moment to absorb how shallow, superficial, sexist, ageist, annoying and sad this is? Are you wondering how it has come to this? And are you also secretly thinking which would you rather have as you get older? A great face or a fierce body?

Face Or Bottom: Can A Woman Have It All? [Times]

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Fuck me. I'd MUCH rather have a great face. All the examples of the women that "chose" face over body are gorgeous. So the choice is getting a bit fat and having a good face or staying skinny and looking like Teri Hatcher? I'll take #1 please!!