Famous spouse/foodie/smug married Jessica Seinfeld is back on Oprah today. Husband Jerry is is Oprah's legit guest, but of course Jessica is there alongside him. Not only will Oprah not shut up about Jessica's new book and how much she loves it, but Oprah relates that, as a thank you for having her on the show last week, Jessica sent her a note that read, "There are no words" and accompanied a gift of 21 pairs Louboutins. Yup, really, there are no words, except a few choice expletives we'll be keeping to ourselves.



From Jerry's Biography...

Jerry's relationship with Jessica Sklar began at the exclusive Reebok Sports Club near his Upper West Side apartment, sometime between the final episode of Seinfeld in May of 1998 and her June wedding. (At the time they met, Jerry was reportedly dating another married woman, a former Seinfeld writer 15 years his junior.) Sklar came from a very modest background; the gym membership was a gift from her fianc� Eric Nederlander, the scion of a wealthy theater-owning family, so that Jessica could be firm and buff for her upcoming nuptials. The two had met through Jessica's brother-in-law James, who in turn had met Nederlander when the chicken bones and newspaper he had thrown out of his Upper East Side apartment had blown into Nederlander's window. Sklar and Nederlander's five year courtship had been somewhat rocky. By most accounts, Nederlander lived fairly frugally, while Sklar was a gold-digger who needed someone to underwrite her Prada and Gucci habit. Jessica "was not going to marry Mr. Stockbroker, even if he was comfortable. She wanted more than comfortable." Sklar continually pressed him for marriage, often publicly and ruthlessly. She would say, "Eric, let's go to Tiffany's" and "Eric, what are you waiting for?" recalled a friend. Another friend noted that at social occasions, Sklar would compliment other happy couples on their engagements and then confront Nederlander with, "Are you ever going to marry me? Why won't you marry me?" Nederlander loved her, but was cautious. He didn't want to rush into marriage.

When Eric finally did put a ring on her finger, she was less than impressed. It was 2.5 carats, costing the bargain hunter $25,000 wholesale, but it was cut so that most of its size was depth rather than width, so it appeared smaller than its true weight. Shortly after their engagement, Sklar quit her job at Golden Books to spend the next year planning the wedding, attending bridal showers, and getting into shape. Observers noted that Sklar seemed unexcited at her grandiose wedding, even emotionally dead. She cut short her month-long honeymoon in Italy after three weeks. About five days later, she left Nederlander for Jerry. Even then it wasn't smooth sailing; Jerry got cold feet and they broke up several times over the next couple years. Sklar's M.O. was to befriend media people, particularly gossip columnists, to keep her name in the press in an effort to make Jerry jealous. When she finally succeeded, she leaked the time and place of Jerry's proposal (an intimate booth at Balthazar) to a contact at People and snagged a cover story.

Sklar's former brother-in-law James, by then divorced from her sister, seemed to have the Sklar sisters figured out:

"[They're] Jewish and that's a plus for guys like Jerry and Eric and myself…..they have strong personalities and they make you think they are bringing something to the table. In certain ways they are, and in other ways they're not….they know what's "in" and what's "out". They're very social and they like doing things and making plans. They're also able to show you how to spend money…..they have lots of energy and know how to do things that men don't. They become the executive assistant, the travel agent, the social director, the benefit consultant."