The Hills: Escape From L.A.

On last night's episode, Whitney and Lauren left Cali and headed off to NYC to meet with Teen Vogue EIC Amy Astley. The big surprise when they got there was that Lauren was sent downtown to Marc Jacobs' design studio to help out with fittings for the Marc by Marc Jacobs Fashion Week show, and then the bitch actually got to meet Marc. It's so annoying that Lauren Conrad is handed all these amazing opportunities in an industry that takes significantly much more work, effort, and talent — than she could ever be capable of — just to get a foot in the door and all she can do is pout and roll her eyes and act pissy because she actually has to pretend to do intern-y things for like 20 minutes a day. And the worst part about it? The only thing that seems to bring a smile to her face is assclown Brody Jenner. Oh, one last thing: remember when there was that study about how you can tell if a person is gay or straight by observing the way they walk? Yeah, watch Marc Jacobs switch that ass as he walks away.


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Ok, sorry, I think I accidentally posted before I was ready.


I completely agree that it is unfair that LC gets to meet Marc Jacobs. AND BY THE WAY, she seemed very aloof towards him. He told her like THREE TIMES that it was so nice to meet her. I can't believe he allowed those cameras at his casting. I don't know. Maybe he's trying to capture the tween audience.

If we really want to get into what is unfair, then can we please discuss what went down in the preview for next week's all new dramatic episode of The Hills? Heidi claims that it is her TWENTY-FIRST birthday. Um, Heidi, I seem to remember celebrating your twenty-first birthday about a year ago. Let me refresh your memory: you wore a black dress and tiara, LC was your best friend, you had just started dating Spencer, AND you and Audrina got in a huge fight over Spencer.

That's right, Spencer dated Heidi and Audrina at the same time. That story line somehow got buried.