Halle Berry keeps getting her (increasingly swollen) foot in her mouth. First was unfortunate Jewish nose joke from last month, and now she's claiming that she cured her own Type 1 diabetes. Prego Berry said, "I've managed to wean myself off insulin, so now I'd like to put myself in the Type 2 category." This is technically impossible, as type-1 diabetes means the pancreas stops producing insulin permanently. According to doctors interviewed by ABC News, "If Berry was truly a Type 1 diabetic, it would be suicide to simply stop taking insulin. They surmised that the 41-year-old actress was either mistaken, misinformed or misdiagnosed, and probably always had Type 2, which tends to affect people later in life and can in some cases be overcome with a change in diet." Women who have Type 1 diabetes need to be especially vigilant about monitoring their insulin levels while pregnant, doctors say, or else they risk becoming fatally ill. [ABC News ]


She's an actress, and not a very bright one. When you think about how most of these folks never went to college, I mean, it all kind of makes sense the ignorant shit they say.