Teen Vogue Message Boards: "I Gained Alot Of Weight Over The Summer. Its Disgusting."

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It has long saddened me that I was never granted entrance to VIP threads of RingsWorld, the New York Times of pro-ana message boards, but you know what they say: "information wants to be free," and no one ever said "except for the 'thinspiring' tales and laxative how-tos of a demented subculture of teenage girls who are actually warped enough to try and attain the standards of beauty perpetuated by magazines like Teen Vogue." And would you believe it? It seems message boards on the website of Teen Vogue are well on their way to displacing RingsWorld's as the leading online community of the anorex-positive! Like on Monday, user vaVA_Vume posted:

lets get skinny!

Posted: Nov 13, 2007 9:23 PM

today i hade lemon zinger tea with one packet splenda 0 cal and water and took my meds...then during the day i just kept taking sips of hot tea to fil me up.... so far ive had o calories total!!! whooohooo...


To which poster BUH-bye added:





I gained alot of weight over the summer. its disgusting.

I want to be 98

and also

I also love the feeling of hunger. I feel so clean and light and empty.

Etc. etc. etc. Oh, and there is so much more — ha ha, so much more striving to be so much less! — where that came from, but I am lazy and I have the feeling we've posted on Teen Vogue and anorexia before, but I wanted to give them a shout out here. It's really nice that the magazine has taken it upon itself to provide this forum this for the poor girls too fat to make it into the regular pro-ana forums. It's like, so aspirational of them.


@crazydiamond: Teen Vogue's editorial director is a woman who has admitted before that she wouldn't hire someone who was overweight even if they were a good editor so does it really surprise you that this anorexic in trainings post has not been deleted? The staffers at Teen Vogue are probably taking notes on how these teenage girls are starving themselves.@SinisterRouge: Same here. I pass out at the drop of the dime (I have very, very low blood pressure and fairly low blood sugar) and I've learned my lesson and no matter how badly I'd like to be twig thin, I'm not willing to go through the pain of worrying about whether or not I'll pass out on the subway or not.