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The 2 Husbands: Weird New Site Offers Potential Grooms, Cash Prize

Are you interested in winning $50,000 and marrying a gay dude? Well, there's a new contest/online reality show/PR stunt called The 2 Husbands that was launched on Tuesday. Two guys, Tanner, who's gay and Zach, who's straight, are both looking to marry a woman. Interested parties submit videos, and then receive votes from the general public. The first woman to receive 500,000 votes gets the cash and the guy of her choice. It's all kind of weird and we still don't really understand the point of it, but we're thinking it's some sort of viral marketing thing — we're not yet sure who the client is — since the site was developed in partnership with the Barbarian Group, the ad people responsible for that Burger King Subservient Chicken site. Above is Tanner's introduction video, and we're totally finding ourselves drawn to him. He has a repetitive poster of that image of Janet Jackson having her boobs cupped by a faceless man, and he's wearing a shirt referencing a song from The Bodyguard. Maybe we do want to marry him.


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Lazy Line Painter Jane

I figured out the catch - each vote costs two dollars and they won't pick a winner until 500,000 votes are cast. Therefore, the dudes make a million dollars and give away $100,000 to the "wives" in prize money. The site advises ladies to get their friends and family to vote for them as many times as they can - paying $2 each time! I still don't get why one of the dudes is gay. This whole thing is like a reality show without the show.