Fashion Mags: Big Girls Gain, Tween Titles Flounder

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Thanks in part to the mostly useless advertorial Conde Nast supplement Fashion Rocks, Vogue regains its spot as head bitch in charge of all lady mags: Anna Wintour's brainchild had the most pages this year, with 3,222, barely edging out #2, In Style, which had 3,197 pages, says Women's Wear Daily.. The other fashion mags also gained this year. Glamourhad the most ad pages in its nearly 70-year history with 2,089 and despite budget cuts and a slew of staff departures at Elle, Roberta Myers' mag gained 6.2% in ad pages since 2006.


The only losers this year were teen titles, which almost universally lost ad revenue. The number of pages in Cosmogirl declined by 6.8%, while an Alpha Kitty-less Seventeen lost over 4%. Teen Vogue barely gained, posting a 0.9% increase from last year. Come on, Lauren and Heidi of The Hills, one of you clearly needs to get a D.U.I to give Teen Vogue a boost. Take one for the team!

Bigger And Bigger [WWD, sub. required]


bess marvin, girl detective

all those pages and nothing to read. i'm hearing from real fashion affectionados that French Vogue is where it's at. but i haven't spoken french since i stopped taking it my junior of high school. my AP french teacher was a real bitch.

anyway, back to the topic, carine roitfeld is more awesome and her daughter julia, is my new girl crush/favorite fashionista of the moment. excusez-moi while i go freshen up on my francois.