Roe Vs. World

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Good Magazine created a world map that reflects abortion laws, country-by-country. As much as we hate the idea of Bush and his cohorts rolling back Roe vs. Wade, we can be grateful we're not in Angola, Burma, or Chile, where abortion is permitted only occasionally in order to save a woman's life. Otherwise, it's completely prohibited.
[Good Magazine]


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Jenna Sauers

@meaghan2k: @aspiringexpatriate: I would like to third the New Zealand thing.

On the map it looks like we're crazy restrictive, but in reality all it means is you need two doctors to sign a piece of paper saying it would be a significant strain on your mental health to have a child. As Anorak said, those two doctors can be from the same medical organisation that does the termination. And of course all consultation, conseling, and the procedure itself are means-tested. And Family Planning's services are free to under-25s as well.

You can even get a referral from your school nurse for an abortion, neither the school nor Family Planning can legally involve your parents.

Abortion is not anything close to a political issue in NZ. There are no protesters in front of clinics, there are no pressure groups of any influence, there are no clinic bombings or shootings. I can't remember abortion ever being polled before an election, or being the subject of any kind of political debate, or Family Planning funding being made to seem controversial by anyone from any political party. It's just not up for discussion.

If I fell pregnant, I'd seriously consider using it as an excuse to book a quick flight home and have a mini-holiday with my termination. I'm overdue for a break from my Overseas Experience anyway.